Michael Augustine Capotosto is a New York & Rhode Island based artist, working in sculpture and drawing.

Accumulation. Envelopment. Tension. Space. Process.

"Drawings often presage a sculpture. They can act as visual references, blueprints or guidelines. And I turn back to drawing as I work through sculptures, to comment on or explore the 3D work. Those drawings, in turn, often give way to other sculptures, and on... The sculptural work is based on knotting - formal and informal knotting. I have always seen that work as a layering, a building, a concealing, a preserving of lines. The sculptures are drawings. Thick, stratified drawings. Hollow, self-supporting drawings. Hanging, dripping drawings."

Capotosto has shown in group and solo exhibitions in Stockholm, Sweden; Portland, Maine and New York City. His drawings are included in the Drawing Center's Viewing Program.

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